Taped auditions are fast becoming an industry standard. The Actors Company is pleased to offer a full service taping facility to provide you with high quality tape for your audtion. Once we've taped your audition we'll submit it to the recipient of your choice.

We use a Canon 7D, along with professional lighting and sound equipment to make sure your taped auditions are of the highest quality.


Click below to watch our taping service samples.


15 MINUTES - $25

30 MINUTES - $35

45 MINUTES - $45

1 HOUR  - $60

Coaching is available at $75 per 45mins./ $125 per 90mins.


Extras included when using The Actor's Company Taping Services:

READER - A reader will be provided for you or feel free to bring your own.

SLATE - We will add in your personalized slate, include agent or manager contact details.

SUBMITTING - We will submit your audition to your desired recipient(s).

If you want more than one take of a scene edited/sent, there is an additional $10 fee per take chosen.

There is a $2 processing charge on credit card transactions.

CALL 323-463-4639 to schedule a taping.