Get TWO scenes shot on the RED camera for your demo reel - only $495! Includes slateshots, hair and makeup, script consultation, coaching, on-set direction, and post production!

Do you have the necessary tools every professional actor needs? Topping that list is an up-to-date Demo Reel! Did you know... Having a reel and a slate shot on your LA Casting and Actors Access profiles can move your profile ahead of those actors without reels and slates when casting directors review submissions?

So why don't you have one?  Or why is it not updated? 

Let us help you create a brand new demo reel or update and add variety to an existing reel in our Demo Reel Intensive. You will be giving yourself an important tool that will help casting place you far better than any headshot! Your reel will allow busy industry professionals to quickly view your acting work and see your "essence" on camera, which can be vastly different from your headshots.  

A high quality demo reel that represents your best work to date is essential for any actor.


In this three-part demo reel service, actors will find material that is best for them, rehearse it to perfection, shoot it on the RED camera and, after a professional post production session, you will have two fully produced, "episodic quality" 30 second scenes - exactly what agents, CD’s and managers are looking for these days! Our team will guide you through this intensive from start to finish, including, if needed, writing material specifically to help you showcase your acting strengths and uniqueness. 

This is a wonderful opportunity and space is limited.  Treat yourself (and your career) to something that is not only extremely useful, it is an industry must have - all at an affordable price! 

  • SESSION ONE - CHOOSING YOUR MATERIAL: Work one-on-one with our resident acting coach, Joe Salazar, to find the right material for you. Joe asks that you bring in at least three options for each scene and try writing one yourself - even if you’re not a writer! Joe will pull from his collection as well and together you will decide which two pieces will really make you shine.

  • SESSION TWO - REHEARSE AND PREPARE: You will come in with your two pieces prepared and Joe will coach your performance, walk you through the plan for your shoot day and even put you on tape so you can see your framing and understand how your work comes across on camera.

  • SESSION THREE - SHOOT DAY: You will receive a call sheet with times for each of your scenes and time to see our hair and makeup artist. We shoot on the RED with a full crew, and Joe will be on set directing your performance to make sure you’re doing your best work and getting variety in your takes.

  • AFTER THE SHOOT: About a week after the shoot day, you will receive your stringouts - a video file of all your usable takes - for you to review. Once you’ve decided on your favorite take of each scene, we will send your selections to our editor for post production and you will receive your finished reel within the week!


HAIR & MAKE-UP - Our hair and make-up artist will make sure you look great before you shoot.
POST PRODUCTION- We will color correct & post produce your scenes, giving them a polished, professional look.
SLATE SHOT - We include two slate shots for use on Actors Access and LA Casting
ADDITIONAL EDITING - Our editor can add your new footage to your existing reel for an additional charge. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!

COST: $495 + $4 processing fee

DISCLAIMER: All of our demo reel services are non-refundable. If you need to cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled event, you will receive credit on file to put towards another service, class, workshop, intensive, etc. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice before the first class, you will not receive credit or a refund. Bond #: 57BSBHQ2792