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For the past 35 years RISA BRAMON GARCIA has worked consistently as a director, producer, casting director, writer and teacher. She’s had the great fortune to have collaborated with some of the most talented, passionate and groundbreaking artists in the world. She’s been able to move from one arena to another – from theatre to film to television and back – and is actively exploring new media.

Risa started casting in the NY as part of her extensive theatre life. From there Risa and her partner, Billy Hopkins, took their first step into feature film casting with Desperately Seeking Susan. They worked as a team for 11 years. During and after their successful partnership, Risa cast some of the most memorable films of the past 25 years.

Risa’s résumé includes more than 65 feature films, classics such as Something Wild, At Close Range, Angel Heart, Fatal Attraction, Wall Street, Talk Radio, Jacob’s Ladder, Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, The Doors, Sneakers, The Joy Luck Club,True Romance, Speed, How To Make An American Quilt, Dead Presidents, Twister, Benny and Joon, and Flirting With Disaster.

She’s cast numerous television shows and pilots, including Roseanne and CSI:NY. Go to IMDB to see Risa's impressive complete list of past and current projects that she has cast.

Risa served as a Producer on Oliver Stone’s films Heaven and Earth and Natural Born Killers, movies she also cast.

With two feature films in her directorial body of work – the cult classic, 200 Cigarettes, and most recently, The Con Artist, made in Canada and released in 2011, Risa’s also directed for television, including multiple episodes of The Twilight Zone for New Line/UPN, and shows for HBO, Lifetime and Comedy Central.

here will be a Q & A and she will provide educational feedback after watching your work.

DATE:  Wednesday, November 11th
TIME:   7:00pm
COST:  $60
                COLD READ           LIMITED SPACE