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Video games have become an integral part of our culture over the last few decades thru technological advances. Game creators are always searching for new  voice-over artists with the skills to make their games successful.

From acting out a character, to  screaming, yelling, making exertion sounds and motion capture sessions talent is needed to fill hundreds of roles. This is a great way to break in or advance your V.O career. Learn how to break in or advance your career within the VIDEO GAME VOICE OVER INDUSTRY.


WEEK ONE - Noelle Romano, CASTING DIRECTOR with EDGE STUDIOS, will be focusing on getting you prepped for week two with WES GLEASON. You'll read various VIDEO GAME COPY and work on exercises to prep you for the second week.

WEEK TWO & THREE - Wes will be guiding and working with you for the next 2 weeks, working on tons of copy and really figuring out where you fit in the world of Video Game Voice Over. The last week will be a mock PRODUCER/DIRECTOR session, where Noelle and Wes will be giving you notes and feedback on your homework.

WES GLEASON BIO: Dialogue director for several award winning video games. Some of Wes' credits include Dishonored (Action Adventure Game of the Year at 2012 VGAs), Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V (Game of the Year 2011 VGAs), Fallout: New Vegas,  Aliens: Colonial Marines (unreleased), and several more. While directing other types of animated projects, he is also currently working on an unreleased, highly inventive MMO entitled Wildstarr. He is always looking to meet fresh talent!  


NOELLE ROMANO BIO:This class is taught by Noelle Romano. A voice director on PBSs Emmy-award winning "WordWorld",  Animation Collective, Nicktoons,  Cartoon Network, and Kids WB. As a coach for Edge Studio, Noelle has trained thousands of students of all ages and is helping to cast talent for current projects in production as she is the ears of L.A for Edge Studio based in NY. She is directly connecting voice over artist to jobs available only through Edge Studios, who are actively looking for L.A talent. Edge Cast everything from audiobooks, to live announce, commercial, animation, documentaries, promos, and many more. Edge studio has 1,000+ clients, 21 years of experience. Some fun projects: UNITED WAY, LEGO, US NAVY, BMW, MERCER, MARVEL COMICS, VOLVO...

COST: $199
DATES: April 15th, 22nd & 29th