Intern at The Actors Company

We are looking for dedicated, reliable, friendly interns to help work on our front desk team! 

Interns commit to one 5-hour shift on an ongoing weekly basis in exchange for free industry intensives, self tapings and heavy discounts on many of our services and classes. This is a fun, creative, informative internship that will surround you with actors, filmmakers and industry professionals.

Intern duties include: being knowledgeable about the services we offer at The Actors Company, taping and editing auditions, answering the phones, greeting guests as they walk in, responding to emails, social media assistance, organizing class lists, running errands, making phone calls to actors, assisting in classes, during festivals and at company events, and generally helping out with our day-to-day operations. Our interns are dependable, enthusiastic and excited to be surrounded by a community of artists!

If you are interested in applying to be an intern at The Actors Company, please fill out the following form. We will be in touch if we would like to set up an interview.

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