Are you an actor who would like to feel more comfortable being yourself on camera?

Are you interested in becoming a television host, content creator or influencer? This inspirational workshop gives you the tools to become an effective, efficient, set-ready "on-camera communicator."

In this six-week course, you will build your personal brand by creating meaningful and engaging content and discover how to share your stories with greater impact.

All actors will benefit enormously from the skills gained in this 6 week workshop, whether they have the desire to ultimately be a host or not.

You don’t want to be that actor who can’t perform in an on-camera interview or presenting at the Academy Awards unable to read a prompter or engage with your co-host… right?

Each week your content will be recorded for you to keep.




Nick has an extensive hosting career in his native Australia, fronting shows on ABC TV, Nickleodeon, Network 7 and Ten and was nominated for an LA press club award for his reporting work on the Emmy winning SoCal Connected for KCET. He has coached TV hosts at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (N.I.DA) Australia, The London Academy of Media U.K and worked as a talent consultant for on air hosts on CCTV Beijing and GXTV Guang Xi in China.

"I worked closely with Nick to develop my natural wellness brand, which at that stage was still a vague collection of ideas. Nick helped me identify my key messages, and from them develop a cohesive brand story. Creating excellent video content was key in making ‘The Garden Apothecary’ a success, and simply wouldn’t have happened had it not been for Nick’s knowledge and passion. Apart from directing the shoots, he also worked with me directly on my presenting skills. He took a complete newbie and coached me to be able to create content that has since been picked up by multiple online platforms and racked up hundreds of thousands of views. That same content has since secured me representation, a publishing contract, and ongoing television work. Without a doubt none of this would have been possible without Nick’s efforts and expertise.” - Reece Carter, ‘The Garden Apothecary’ #herbnerd

Week 1 - Who Are You? 
Where do you see yourself in the cultural landscape of media? Who is your audience? How do you want to be perceived by them? You’ll be on camera from day one as we start the journey of learning to define and refine your personal brand and message. We will begin exercises designed to develop your most authentic voice. There will be playback and feedback after every exercise.

Week 2 – Charisma? Personality? X Factor? Expertise?
What is it about you that makes you stand out and how can it be developed? Week two focuses on voice work, physicalization, camera technique and strengthening your unique point of view. We look at dynamics, scripting, the active and passive voice, eliminating small talk by understanding the key messages or points, and refining your message. We will work on generic script exercises, allowing you to put your authentic stamp on each piece, and do stand ups to camera under time limits to practice time management.

Week 3 - Your Message
This week we look at refining your message and developing content that best serves your audience: this could be the creation of your new YouTube show, a Facebook or IGTV  live series, the development of social media stories, a broadcast show pitch, or the beginning of that TED talk you’ve always wanted to deliver. We continue weekly on the journey of strengthening your unique point of view.

Week 4 –  Introduction to the Interview
We explore what it takes to nail a successful interview. Beyond research, preparation and the ability to really listen, we’ll look at paralanguage, eye lines, rate, pitch, tone and amplification of speech, building rapport, and dealing with difficult ‘guests.' We’ll explore practical scenarios with a focus on the kind of guest and interview situation you are aiming for with your content. We’ll also go out on location and interview the public for ‘Vox Pops’ (voice of the people).

Week 5 – Panel Discussion
We’ll break into groups, forming mock panels to discuss particular topics/issues, taking on board all that we have learned so far. This is an opportunity for you to juggle the various elements of hosting while offering the audience your unique voice in a group situation.

Week 6 – Teleprompter and Co-Hosting
In our final week, we will work as though we are on a real set. Each participant will get the opportunity to do a cold read off a teleprompter, a prepared piece of your own script that you can take home with you, and a co-host piece in a live-to-air scenario. You will understand the roles of each person on a studio floor, and, as with each filmed exercise, there will be playback and feedback. There are also bound to be hugs and a few tears…