So...a sitcom intensive, but different. There are so many sitcoms out there right now that it would be silly to ignore the working opportunities that we can gain from not only going out and auditioning for these shows, but also having the refined skills and experience to knock it out the park.

Watching actors who really know how to nail sitcom is quite a spectacle. I know for myself, I'd found it a struggle to figure it out “Is it 3 cam or single cam”, or “should I hit the switch here or here”, or “how can I make this funnier”, the list goes on.

I mean...look at the genius of the cast of FRIENDS or BIG BANG THEORY shows, and what it did for their careers. To be a successful sitcom actor isn’t natural per say,  it’s a skill. Just watch how the likes of Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons progressed over the course of their’s remarkable. They learned and executed a top class skill, to compliment their natural talent.

The class is taught by sitcom guru STAN ZIMMERMAN. Stan has been in the business for over 30 years. He has been a writer on tons of shows including: GILMORE GIRLS, THE BRADY SEQUEL, ROSEANNE, he also created, wrote, directed & EXEC produced RITA ROCKS. Check him out on IMDB to get the full down. He’s a sitcom bada$$.


The purpose of this class is damn simple; Get you in tip top shape to be AUDITIONING and then WORKING on a sitcom set. Stan will help you understand what it’s like to be working on the set of a sitcom. He’ll go over various different camera techniques, sitcom techniques and general comedy techniques to help prepare you to get it right.


The first class Stan will assign cold reads, which you’ll prepare and then put onto tape. At the end of the class, he’ll give you a prepared scene to bring in for the next class. The following class, you’ll meet with a NETWORK CASTING HEAD, and then you’ll perform your homework, and work with Stan on the material. You must bring a USB stick drive so that we can place your auditions onto it, so you can review them later.

So that’s it ladies and gents. If you wanna work on sitcom, and need on-camera and comedy experience, then take the class. :)

DATES:  Monday September 22nd, & Thursday September 25th, 2014 at 7pm – 10pm