Everything you may be asked to do on set before a stunt double is called in.

If you’ve ever been interested in stunt classes or stage combat, action acting is a great place to start! These classes are specifically designed for actors who want to look great and feel comfortable doing action sequences on camera. You never know when you might book a role that requires you to throw a punch or take a hit. Build familiarity with action skills, terminology and performance in a safe learning environment and open up yourself up to a whole new range of roles!


Are you ready to jump into an acting role that requires physical action?

This introductory class aims to instill body and spatial awareness, the knowledge to take on action sequences safely, and confidence in your abilities as a performer. Build a foundation of frequently requested action oriented skills, learn basic on set safety protocols and practices, and make yourself a more capable, marketable actor!

Skills Covered:

  • personal and partner safety for action sequences

  • common footwork and terminology

  • strikes and reactions: slaps, punches, elbows, knees, kicks, and blocking

  • grappling: pushes, hair pulls, arm/head locks  

  • manipulation of camera angles and how to adjust accordingly

  • basics of choreography and how to build story with action



Bryan Forrest headshot.jpg

Bryan Forrest

Bryan Forrest is an Actor, Stunt Performer and Coordinator who believes that every aspect of a work of art tells a story and that by studying and honing all aspects of your chosen art form you can become a masterful storyteller. A Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Acting Conservatory, Bryan studied theater and art across the ages and globe, paying special attention to the physical forms of theater from ancient Greece, Japan, and the Italian Renaissance. While studying Shakespeare, Bryan realized that he could act in great works of art while wielding a sword and became hooked. Since graduation, he has diversified his work and training to become a working actor and stuntman. Training in stunts has allowed Bryan to frequently do his own stunt work while also working as an actor, and as a stunt coordinator. He continues to believe that all aspects of a production serve the greater whole of the artwork - action is no different and should be used as a storytelling device to always further the plot and make the worlds we create that much more visceral and real. Bryan has had the pleasure to fight and fall on productions for CBS, Nickelodeon, History, Discovery, SPIKE, GoPro, and HTC, to name a few.


David C. Hernandez

Performing has always been a deep passion for David C. Hernandez. Raised in the southern part of San Jose, California, David eventually made the decision to pursue acting as a profession. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts proved to be an excellent fit to nourish the growth of his art. While attending the Academy, David was able to stretch his boundaries as an actor through the rigorous curriculum and also found he had a talent and fondness for stage combat. Now as an Academy graduate, David is an accomplished actor, fighter, instructor, and fight choreographer. David attacks each new project with conviction and verve, anxious for new learning experiences and cherishing every moment he gets to work in this fantastic industry. David has worked as a action inclined actor on various projects in a number of mediums for companies including Loot Crate, YouTube Red, Yellow Pages, NASCAR, GoPro, ABC, Spike, The History Channel.