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This challenging and exciting On-Camera Acting Class is designed for TEEN actors (13-17) who are serious about becoming professionally working actors.

The main goal of the class is to help each actor find what is individual and unique about themselves as well as gaining the skills to stay focused on their own creative work while in an audition situation. The class will focus on the following acting skills designed to help the actor book professional acting work:

COLD READINGS - Actors will learn how to quickly make active, strong choices, while learning how to express their own individuality.

AUDITION PREP – Finding your own individual prep technique that will help you get ready for all auditions and knowing how to leave a memorable impression.

ON-CAMERA TECHNIQUE – Developing a relationship with the camera, which allows the actor to put their best work forward. The camera is there to help you showcase your most honest work in the best way possible.

CREATING CHARACTERS – Sometimes an actor gets the opportunity to audition for a character that is very unlike them in real life. Actors will learn how to find a connection to an unfamiliar character and become versatile in what they can offer.

SET READY – Actors will learn how to deal with quick directions and adjustments while staying focused and implementing what is being asked of them.

   •  In class, FILM and TV sides will be used as learning tools. All genres will be represented so that actors learn how to make each audition count.
   •  Class Admission is by Interview Only. Please submit Contact Form:

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Joe Salazar has been an award winning acting teacher in NYC and L.A. for over 25 years. Dedicating his professional life to helping actors realize their dreams is one of his greatest passions.



"The greatest chance at becoming a working actor is to consistently give the best auditions! You are expected to be nervous, but it is your own job to use those nerves to give you the energy, passion and freedom to let casting directors, directors see your believable take on the character and scene.

The best acting happens when the actor is having fun. Whether you are learning all of the acting skills necessary to keep growing as an actor, or discovering what will be expected of you in an audition or on set, you should always be enjoying the process.”
                                   ---Joe Salazar

WHEN: SATURDAYS from 10am-12:30pm
COST: $200 for a four Saturday month & $250 for a five Saturday month.



Earlier Event: August 18
Later Event: October 10